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Rofinpark Haus 36


Designers, Visionaries,

Doers & Rebels

At Rofinpark Eberswalde we combine our values with our actions.

Wandel sein


For me, it has become a matter of course to understand changes and challenges as an opportunity and always evaluate and rethink the Rofinpark together with everyone who is involved.

- Sarah Polzer-Storek

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At the same time, however, one goal has never changed over the last 30 years: to preserve the old building structure and thus its charm, its history, with everything that goes with it, wherever possible - and never to change more than is absolutely necessary.
The fact that the building ensemble of the former pipeline factory is still preserved is mainly thanks to my father Erhard Polzer. In 1991, together with his business partners Thomas Pietzsch and Michael Börtz, he acquired the pipeline factory as Proplan GmbH & Co KG
from the trust agency.
Nothing was left of the upswing of the 1990s and even a change of ownership in 2007 did not bring the hoped-for turnaround. In 2009 Sarah Polzer-Storek took over responsibility for the Rofinpark, 30 years old and without experience, at least not in all the areas of responsibility that I suddenly had. I systematically worked my way through the terrain, got to know the intricate cable routes and got deep into the heart of the Rofin. For many years it was just a matter of being very pragmatic, persevering and hoping that the right time would come for the location.
Many generations of people have left their footprints in the Rofinpark and the special thing is that it is never meant to be finished, that there is no long-term and fixed master plan, but always completely
plenty of room for ideas, creativity and individual development and coincidences.

That's why we work tirelessly on it in the Rofinpark
  • To maintain the buildings

  • Lovingly expand factory building

  • To create spaces for encounters in the courtyard

  • Shaping diversity through a wide variety of projects

  • Linking business to social responsibility

and are happy that the Rofinpark shines with new/old beauty.

You can find more about the story here.

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We love, what we do!

In the 19th century, a pipeline factory was established on this site. Since then, generations of people have left their footprints. The extraordinary backdrop of brick facades and the many features and details on the site give Rofinpark its character. The industrial monument and the craftsmanship of times past still inspire admiration in people who visit Rofinpark.

That's what happens to us, too, who shape the site here day after day. With our work we want to follow the tradition of the former factory site. Our employees*innen  combine a passion for craftsmanship and a strong identification with the industrial past of the site. The same applies to our tenants, who are helping to shape the revitalization of the Rofinpark together with us.


Since then, the industrial landscape on the Finow Canal has given Eberswalde identity and tradition, which we want to preserve and pass on to future generations out of conviction and enthusiasm.



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Sarah Polzer-Storek


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site management

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Andre Specht


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Dominik Hochreuther

Rental management + events


Richie Hlavac





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Louisa Wiethold

Administration & Finance



Discover our colorful togetherness

The Rofinpark is currently home to around 80 commercial and private tenants.

The palette is colorful. In addition to large tenants, such as the electronics retailer Obeta, the painting company Brillux, the sanitary retailer Bergmann & Franz and the Boulderhalle, there are craftsmen, musicians, social enterprises and clubs as well as private tenants who pursue their hobbies in the Rofin .


Click on the photos to go directly to the activities of our tenants.

Here you will find an overview of all tenants.

Rofinpark im Sommer


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Gesellschaftliche Bedürfnisse, ökologische Grenzen und wirtschaftliche Stabilität stehen bei Entscheidungen im Rofinpark stets im Vordergrund. Wir verbinden die nachhaltige Entwicklung des Gewerbeparks mit unternehmerischer Verantwortung und nehmen zum Beispiel unsere gesellschaftliche Verantwortung ernst, indem wir lokale Vereine mit besonderen Konditionen und fairen Mieten unterstützen. Nachhaltig zu arbeiten bedeutet für mein Team und mich, Teil eines stetigen Lernprozesses zu sein. Wir streben kein schnelles Wachstum an, wir wachsen mit Sorgfalt. Das verlangt auch, dass nicht alle Projekte von heute auf morgen umgesetzt werden, gibt dafür aber Gelegenheit, sie mit viel Liebe zum Detail und Sorgfalt zu entwickeln. Da wir Bauprojekte nur bedarfsgerecht bei vorhandener und konkreter Nachfrage gemeinsam mit unseren zukünftigen Mieter*innen umsetzen, schaffen wir eine gute Basis für eine vertrauensvolle und langfristige Beziehung.
We set our standards high

We live sustainability - from restoring old windows to creating biotopes and growing vegetables - and of course our daily cohesion.

Above all, we are always happy about new ideas and approaches.


From old to new!



It's the mix that counts

The Rofinpark is being revived piece by piece with a lot of love and work - for this we pay attention to a diverse mix of rentals.

From the bouldering hall to electrical wholesalers to the flute orchestra.

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Offices & Studios

Whether for small or large teams, artists - there are always new possibilities for designs.

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Warehouses & Workshops

Be it for crafts, production or events - there is room for many ideas in the Rofinpark.

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Other Rentals

We always have treasures that have yet to be discovered in their function.



culture in the industrial park

As in the previous year, we would like to implement a series of cultural events with our tenants and partners in 2022. Corona made concrete planning a bit more difficult for us, but the following are in preparation:

  • Open House June 11, 2022

  • guided tours through the history of the Rofin

  • Art, music and culinary delights in Hall 54 during the summer months

  • Culture bazaar in cooperation with Save your Culture eV

  • autumn market

  • Christmas bazaar organized by Save your Culture eV

In addition, many actors will also offer nice events here on the farm, which we will also collect here.

Stay tuned!



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